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We are taking homeschooling to next level
what's it all about

  • Guided lesson plans to helpyour children learn better
  • Created by Early Education experts
  • Enhances Literacy,Numeracy,Arts And Dance Skills
  • Boostyour child’s slef confidence with their Emotional And Social Development
  • Hands on Learning with Kits
  • Pre-Nursery to K2(UKG)
  • 1:30 Max,Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Workbooks,Picture books,Activity Kits
  • Real schooling Fun activities



  • Developing phonemic awareness
  • Integrating sounds and letters
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Tracing uppercase letters
  • Learning about surroundings
  • Enhancing imagination


  • Understanding pre-number concepts
  • Recogninzing colors
  • Learning shapes
  • Understanding basic maths
  • Counting


  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Identifying colours
  • Developing pincer grip and tactile learning
  • Learning to trace and colour in one direction
  • Developing colouring and printing skills
  • Developing creativity and imagination


  • Build memory and dig ideas
  • Develop gross motor skill
  • Explore and control body movements
  • Improve flexibility

We are taking homeschooling to the next level!