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Online Secondary School

Over the last decade, online learning has grown in leaps and bounds. Although first only known as a means for distance learning in today’s world, kids of all ages can choose to learn from the comfort of their homes. For scores of other reasons choosing to send your child to a virtual secondary school is also safer than traditional schools. Our online CBSE school at AOL school is the perfect blend of modern educational techniques and conventional Indian values that give our students at our online high school the best chance for success in life. At AOL online secondary school, we encourage students with an individualized approach to learning. We consider each student’s unique needs and give them the advantage of learning at their own pace at our online middle school and virtual high school. As the students are older in our online secondary school, they also get the added advantage of self-regulated learning which encourages them to develop essential life skills such as discipline and time management. We are considered one of the best online CBSE schools as we stray away from the traditional method of rote learning and instead encourage our students in the virtual secondary school to develop an in-depth understanding of the topic being taught.

The global nature of the online school allows students to interact with other children from all over the world. Due to these blurred geographical boundaries, kids in the virtual secondary school are exposed to cultures, traditions, and people different from their own, making them global citizens in the true sense.

What to expect from AOL School?

  • 100% online interactive sessions that encourage learning instead of just memorizing topics.
  • Flexibility as the online schooling for high school can be attended from wherever the child is most comfortable.
  • Well-trained teachers who have already proven that the online secondary school mode of learning works. Teachers for Grade 6 and above are IITians who have chosen to share their knowledge and experience through teaching.
  • With a student-to-teacher ratio of 25:1, we can ensure that every student in our online secondary school gets the required attention they need to excel in their academic journey.
  • A choice of extracurricular activities that encourages holistic learning in the child.
  • Online schooling for high school helps students focus more on their studies and future as they do not have other distractions present in regular schools.