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Online Primary School

While children are merely introduced to academics in preschool, primary school is where they can build the foundation of excellent education. Children in primary school are in their formative years; this is where they have mastered their cognitive development and are curious to learn more about the world around them.

In these formative years, AOL school provides kids with a primary school online learning program that gives them structure and discipline. In our online primary school, kids learn the basics of math, science, language, and much more. The AOL online education for primary school helps those parents who want their kids to be homeschooled but need the guidance to do so.

Our online elementary school provides self-paced learning in an adaptive and flexible environment that helps students become more independent and take control of their learning process. The virtual nature of online primary school blurs all geographical boundaries, thus giving the online elementary school children exposure to the world at large. By enrolling in our online school in India, students can meet others from all over the world, interacting with students of different cultures and backgrounds helps create global citizens of tomorrow.

What to expect from AOL school?

  • 100% online classes with interactive sessions that animate every topic from the online schools elementary curriculum.
  • Interactive assignments are included in our primary school online learning lessons, and personalized feedback is given regularly.
  • Independent learning through our online elementary school also helps students develop a sense of curiosity and more effective learning abilities.
  • Regular parent-teacher interaction keeps parents up to date about their child’s progress in our online primary school.
  • A choice of extracurricular activities fosters the child’s innate abilities and inculcates a passion that can last for a lifetime.
  • With the maximum student limit being 25 in our online primary school in India, students will get the attention they need to excel in their academics.
  • Experienced teachers who have already proven their ability to impart knowledge on our online learning platform Always-On Learning.
  • Futuristic subjects such as Coding and Robotics are also included in the online primary school curriculum so that students are equipped with the required skills needed in today’s modern world.
  • With the help of kinaesthetic learning, we enable our students to improve their body and mind coordination that ultimately brings balance to their lives.