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Online PreSchool

The ages between 3 and 6 are when children can absorb all of the knowledge they are exposed to. At this time, parents have to take advantage of and equip their toddlers with all the skills needed later in life.

Although preschool is when children are first exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, etc., most kids miss out on these crucial years due to lack of awareness, or parents prefer homeschooling their kids. This is why we at AOL school have a specially curated online preschool curriculum that will help parents bring out the best in their kids from the comfort of their homes.

Online learning was usually associated with college and higher education; however, the trend of online preschool in India is growing as more and more parents want to be associated with their child’s education. With online pre primary school, children in nursery, lower KG, and Upper KG can reap the benefits of quality education from home.

Our online school India brings out the hidden genius in your child. Online pre primary school gives the child a great head start and makes them more equipped to handle formal education better. Even though you may think you are sending your child to an online pre school in India, the child will get global exposure as online pre schools are not bound by geographical boundaries. Students from all over the world can take part in preschool online learning, and this will significantly benefit the child as they will be exposed to different people, different cultures, and most of all, various points of view that they may miss out on if they are home schooled or even in a traditional playschool.

What to expect from AOL School?
  • 100% online interactive nursery home learning classes to keep the kids engaged and attentive for longer.
  • Maximum class size of 25 so that each student gets the attention they need to excel in online school for pre school.
  • Experienced teachers who have already proven their skills with the preschool online learning section of the successful Always-on learning platform.
  • Innovative teaching techniques designed to bring out the best in your child even at an early age with preschool online learning.
  • A choice of extracurricular activities that help with the child’s holistic development in the virtual pre school.
  • AOL school fosters your child’s individuality and brings about independence, strength in character, and a desire to absorb knowledge from wherever available.