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Art At Best Online Schools

Education in visual arts is fundamental to the aesthetic, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth of the individual. It provides children with unique ways of knowing, doing, living, and belonging to a global community.

Our Art courses for various grades are specifically designed to develop:

  • Understanding of Shapes & Colours

  • Application of Print Techniques

  • Basics of Origami

  • Drawing skills

  • Painting Techniques


Children should be involved in at least one art form as it contributes to their happiness. And when combined with learning, it must never be ignored. At AOL School, we believe dance is an integral aspect of a balanced education programme.

It is a unique way of enhancing creativity, confidence, and expression in a student. We have introduced an entire curriculum on kinesthetic learning to make sure our students get the best chance at improving their body and mind coordination, bringing a balance to their lives.

Dance classes at AOL School teaches your child flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination both physically and as a life skill.

Dance At Best Online Schools