How to encourage children to write and read literature?

Children are curious about the world around them. They might be having a plethora of questions such as why the sun rises in the east only? Why the...
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Reading in the time of COVID-19

What types of feelings you’d be getting while reading a book? Excitement? Happiness? Most of the times people read because reading is a portal or a...
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How to inculcate self- discipline in children

April 21st, 2021 Creativity, Parents Corner
What do you mean by self- discipline? A person can do things in a definite pattern.. For example, if a child studies with a fixed time table...
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5 creative activities that will boost the self-esteem of children

It can be called a dull life if one isn’t blessed at least with a small iota of creativity.. Creative exercises are always imbued with excitement,...
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Relationship between reading and child development

April 21st, 2021 CBSE Board, Child Learning, Creativity
Robustness is a virtue that is mostly found in children.  They are always curious about the environment in which they live. In another sense, we...
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