Child Learning

Why is preschool online learning vital for childhood education?

August 10th, 2021 Child Learning
Introduction Would you prefer online education for your child? What is better for your child, an online school or a regular on-campus school?...
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How to develop better self- images in children?

April 21st, 2021 Blog, Child Learning, Parents Corner
Have you ever thought in deep about the word ‘self- image’?  It can be defined as the perception one is having about oneself. It can be...
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How to encourage children to write and read literature?

Children are curious about the world around them. They might be having a plethora of questions such as why the sun rises in the east only? Why the...
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How to make Children read Classic books?

What do you mean by classic literature? Have you ever thought about the connotations underlying? A book is called classic when it is imbued with a...
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Reading in the time of COVID-19

What types of feelings you’d be getting while reading a book? Excitement? Happiness? Most of the times people read because reading is a portal or a...
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Inculcating the art of reading in Children

Reading can be construed as an activity that dwells upon the intellect of the reader. As bacon had said some books have to be chewed, some digested...
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How to develop the habit of reading in ingenious ways

When we look back into history, the activity of reading will be there, sparkling vivaciously.  The ancient human beings wanted reasons for...
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Reading in Children-: Some musings

Reading is purely an aesthetic activity. When you read something, you are opening the portals of another world. You are getting ushered to a...
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Relationship between reading and child development

April 21st, 2021 CBSE Board, Child Learning, Creativity
Robustness is a virtue that is mostly found in children.  They are always curious about the environment in which they live. In another sense, we...
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