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AOL school brings traditional school online. It is 100% online so that students can learn in the comfort of their home. AOL school takes homeschooling to a whole new level using innovative teaching methods for an enhanced learning experience.
When choosing to enroll their child in an online school like AOL, parents need to commit the required amount of time necessary to attend the classes with their child and ensure that their assignments are complete.
Living with the fear of the invisible threat and not knowing where it will attack has already caused most schools to switch from physical classrooms to online lessons. Choosing an online school, e.g. AOL School, makes more sense for the child today as they will learn where they are comfortable and remain safe from harm.
The only significant difference between homeschooling and an online school like AOL is that in the first case, the parents take up the role of teachers and are the primary instructors for the child. Conversely, online schools have well-trained teachers to conduct classes according to a structured lesson plan.
Enrolling your child in an online school like AOL means they have the luxury of learning from wherever they are most comfortable. It is a more self-paced mode of learning. Online schools are great for introverted students, and it costs less than traditional schooling but has all the same curriculum.

We are taking homeschooling to the next level!