Meet the Brains Behind AOL School


Head of AOL School

Navin is a seasoned academician with over 10 years of experience in imparting education through various mediums across the Indian subcontinent.

After pursuing his MBA from IIM Indore, Navin has had a brief stint with Pepsico as 7UP Brand Manager. After this, he plunged himself into fixing the broken education system of India. His most recent venture was an edtech platform started in 2015 to promote digital learning in rural India. He is also involved in a nonprofit e-learning tech company aimed at making education FREE in India.

AOL School is his most recent outing to completely revolutionise the school system in India by combining the efficiencies of an online learning platform with those of the experiences of a physical schooling atmosphere to create a hybrid model where the student no longer has to go to school. In his vision, physical schools will be a place where students visit to learn extra-academic skills and the rest can happen virtually.


Head of Academics & Operations - AOL

Shilpi is a dynamic, resourceful teaching professional who is skilled to harness the latent talents and potential of both students and teachers. She has over 22 years of experience in Teaching, Coordination, Administration, Student Management, Teacher Training and Educational Product development

To her credit, she has worked as Headmistress Airforce School, ASTE, Bangalore, Vice Principal at a reputed CBSE school Thane. Being a progressive educator she envisages a school culture that encourages continuous improvement for teachers and students. She has worked extensively with a chain of schools and developed systems for data analysis because if student assessment can be linked with learning gaps teaching can happen at the right level. She has also been at the helm of developing a system of online teacher training.

At AOL School, her vision is to make a virtual learning experience as enriching as a physical school. She takes an active interest in developing the cognitive and social growth of students via the online learning platform.