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We are taking homeschooling to the next level
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Every sphere in life has been transformed in the digital age. Why should schooling be an “old” one out? Bringing to you a new way of schooling, AOL School is the best way to get school education from the comfort of your home.

Physical School Experience At Online Schooling
We take the whole physical school experience ONLINE.

Blending the best of western and Indian teaching methodologies, AOL School provides your child with the best education. By keeping the batch strength to a maximum of 25 students, AOL School ensures that your child gets the personal attention of expert educators with personalized lesson plans and course materials. What’s more, anyone can join AOL School, irrespective of which part of the world they live in.

Anybody can join AOL School - anybody from around the world!

With an option to study from smart books and traditional books, AOL School makes learning a fun affair. The curriculum is covered with interactive activities such as group quizzes on alternate days to boost the collaborative capabilities of our students.

AOL School ensures your child is taught only by the best minds. And that’s why our Grade 6-12 classes are taught by IITians. Besides, with regular attendance and activity reports, and monthly PTM meetings, you will always be in control of your child’s progress.

Anybody Can Join AOL School From Around The World

Best Online CBSE Schools In India
We offer everything a physical school offers, and more!

Visit our Features page to find everything that we offer. Although it is online education, the experience is exactly that of a physical school. Our students get homework, tests, school leaving certificates, and everything else any other school has to offer. The entire experience, at the fraction of the cost of a physical school.

We are taking homeschooling to the next level!